Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Victorian Style!

Cake 52
This wedding was very different, so the cake was matching everything in the party! The bride really likes Victorian style staff so the cake was the expression of everything she had in mind. I use lots of lace, pearls, cameos. And the cake was just gorgeous!
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Pink Cake!

Cake 51
Very pink but very elegant and modern. Think about having this cake on your party, you can decide about the colour and believe me this cake looks good in all colours. Contact us!
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Pink Bow!

Cake 50
This cake was for a Girl Christening. But can also for a Bridal Shower, a Birthday or some other party, we can change the colour and make very personalized for you!
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Little Ducks!

Cake 49
This cake its very special, can be for a Baby Shower of for a Christening!
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Moon with baby!

Cake 48
I made this cake last year, was for a Baby Shower, and also made the cupcakes with Little stars on top was very cute!
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Little Dora!

Cake 47
Lately I have been making lot a wedding cakes. But was a pleasure make this cake for that special baby that just turn two. When she saw the cake her eyes were very shiny because she wanted a Dora cake.
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Cake 46
A very simple cake for a Little girl that just turn Fifteen last weekend! She was very simple, so the cake was also very simple, just like she wanted! Everything was in fondant, the letters and flowers, and the colours were the collours of her dress!
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cup Cakes Red & Black!

Cake 45
Cup cakes its the new thing at all the parties. They are fun and can be decorated on a very classic way too! These were for a Bridal Shower, they were covered with embossed fondant and with Little flowers also of fondant, the colours can change according to your party!
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

White Roses!

Cake 44
A very Classic Cake with white sugar roses, can also be all white or in the colour of your dream!
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lots of Colour!

Cake 43
This cake was for a Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party. It's very colourful, but the look was very modern and fun..
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Just Flowers!

Cake 42
A Elegant birthday cake.
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Pink Bow!

Cake 41
A birthday Cake, very simple!
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Green & Pink!

Cake 40
A very simple cake, with two beautiful colours. I made this cake for a girl Baptism, but can also be for a Baby Shower or Bridal Shower, and we can change the colours.
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Polka Dots

Cake 39
A can that can be for a Baby Shower or for a Wedding Shower. We can customize it . Just contact us.
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White Orchids!

Cake 38
This Cake was for a Special Wedding, and was decorated with the same flowers that were at the Bride's bouquet. Was very simple but also veru elegant!
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Red Roses!

Cake 37
This was a very special cake. The bride really liked red roses. The ones on the cake are made of sugar paste. The colour of the roses can be different!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Purple Masquerade! Sweet Sixteen!

Cake 36
This is a very recent cake for a recent sweet Sixteen Birthday party. We can use another colour depends on what you like! We just here to serve you and make you Happy.
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Birthday cake!

Cake 1
Another fun cake, you can choose the colours and the top can be made with chocolats or cookies.

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Funny Baby Shower!

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Cake 2
A very cute cake for a Baby Shower. The top of the cake are cookies, that can also be the gift for the Baby Shower. We can go with your theme and colours.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


cake 4
How perfect this cake will be for your Bridal Shower or even the wedding!
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White & Blue Polka Dots!

cake 5
This cake can be for a Baby Shower or for the christening. We can make on a different colour!
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Baby Blue Ribbon!

Cake 6
A very traditional look cake for your very special Baby Shower! Can be in pink if is a girl or any other colour!
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Rubber Duck!

Cake 7
The duck it's also a cake and the little ducks are made of chocolate, and you can use them as the gifts!
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Baby Bottle!

Cake 8
A cake in the shape of a bottle it's a good idea for a Baby Shower!
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